Friday, 6 December 2013

Streaming School Events - How Google Hangouts saved the day!

Today we had a great story telling performance at school, but it almost didn't happen because we couldn't have all of the classes attend. So by using some Google Magic, we set up a Google Hangout on Air. Hooray for a Google Win!

Google Hangouts on Air allow you to live stream a google hangout conversation or vision from your webcam, live to an audience that you send a simple youtube link to. And it's FREE!

You will need to have a Google + account set up to run a google Hangout, but that's it. When you're in your Google plus account, go to the hangouts section of the menu, and select, Start a Hangout On Air. A hangout will open and you press start broadcast. You can find detailed instructions on this link to Google Hangouts instructions.

Once the broadcast is finished it is saved in your YouTube videos for sharing out later which is a great advantage too.

Using Google Hangouts on Air was a great experience for us, and I hope that it works well at your school too. There are so many ways it could be used, enjoy and stay Googley!

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