Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Intro to using Google maps and saving places

I recently helped one of my grade 2 teachers use Google maps to show where all of the kids in her class were from. Following are the instructions for creating and saving a map in google maps, adding locations, and then sharing the map with parents or on your blog. You can click on an individual picture to enlarge it.

Uses in the classroom:
  • Mapping items of significance during social studies.
  • Making a history tour, i.e. the location of Egyptian sites like the pyramids, Luxor, Valley of the Kings etc.
  • Have children label each continent.
  • Track famous journeys such as the voyages of Columbus, Cook, Vasco Nunez etc.
  • Sharing locations of relatives, holidays, visiting authors and the like.
  • The ideas are only limited to your imagination

In the coming week I will add a post to describe how to add a photo or link into your saved location.

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