Thursday, 4 October 2012

iPad Storage and Charging

The following are some helpful tips I recently sent out to the staff in our primary school regarding charging and storage of classroom iPads.

Charging: avoid charging the iPads every day, recharge when they drop below 10%.

It is not necessary to keep the iPads fully charged all the time. The iPads have a battery life of about 8 hours, and even when they get to 10% will still generally last an hour or more in an actual lesson. Other schools have noted that iPad battery life reduces when the batteries are always being charged, so as a rule you should charge your class set of iPads when you see a few of them getting below 10%.

Don't let the children plug in the iPads when they put the iPads away. It is only necessary to plug them in when charging, and it is better to have an adult do this.


If you want to keep your iPads in a cupboard rather than in the carts, that is fine, just make sure that they are in a lockable cupboard and not stacked higher than 6 iPads in stack.

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